Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Deserted houses invoke a fascination,
The mind in love with the inexplicable,
Seek out rooms for ingenious exploration
Of the contours of delegated extroversion.

Removing the cloak hiding the inside,
Find the old clock hung on the gray wall
Time over and arms stuck of old age
Antiquated furniture burnished in the psyche.

Obsolete thoughts of the ordinary
Going up staircase holding the archaic
Banisters supporting fragile men and women
Paintings of who adorn the walls of introversion.

The old newspapers stacked like a pillar of Times
The tattered books on shelves of derangement
And the dining table helping no food for thought
The fireplaces burning desires, sighing and moaning

No room for any more surmises, the languid mind
Fall in to a deep slumber in one of the bedrooms
On a well laid out bed of red roses still fragrant.
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The submitting whiteness,
Flawless,smooth and square,
In tempting anticipation
Of pouring love's blue,
Laid down arms and given in
Waiting for the uncapped fountain.

Long ring less white fingers
Wielding the most powerful tool,
Carve and caress with soft rubs
Of scratchy yet smooth nibs,
The sighs and whispers audible
Of love filled shapely outlines
United in creative fulfillment.

Writing on a crystal white paper with an ink pen is an experience of sheer pleasure.......
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Monday, July 7, 2008

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I tagged the nameless
And maimed my consciousness
A slave of distracting forms, false,
Turned my mind clockwise
Got bonded like a trapped mouse
Yet the body moved in places
In concert with the chimera's hazes
Forming illusion's basis.
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Sunday, July 6, 2008

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Saturday, July 5, 2008


I stood on the bridge over the dead river
Time stayed in the present as I looked
At past and future on either side
No stream up or down,
The past had merged with eternity
The last drop reaching its destination
Losing its identity like the salt doll in a sea
To be reborn in future in to another stream

Much water had flown under
Each grain of sand had stories to tell
About seeped- in suns and moons
And the fishy romantic exploits
Of Aqua brushing and caressing
Transporting it to places new and exciting
Safe and secure in the coolness of being

The sun reflected in the vast sandy emptiness
As a lone dog ran across to no where
The desiccation below made me thirsty
With a lump in my throat, lost and desolate
Leaving the redundancy of the bridge to itself
I over passed the fissure of my parched mind
To the buoyancy of a pond near by.
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