Tuesday, August 12, 2008


The rays of the moon played hide and seek, through the foliage. Dark, smooth, and curved, the snake lay motionless. Disgust filled my heart. Shadows swayed, as an eerie silence deafened my inner ear. A cloud hid the sky, sending chills up my spine; I saw the ghost.

Dogs did not bark.Moonlight's milk filtered through the window's hole. The cat was licking it, weird like in a dream. Cool breeze caressed my face with the silken claws of sleep.

I woke up hearing the chirping of sweet birds; relief dawned, in the form of the sunlight, fearless and bright. Then I saw the cat, mewing with a foolish yawn, staring at the black rope, its tail brushing the wooden post.

The morning light reflected, a mischievous smile giving me the shock of sudden intelligence of liberation, from the world of illusion.
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