Wednesday, August 13, 2008


The sky entered through the north east and ran over all rooms inside my house,including pots, but not those foot balls, I guess, inside of which, my mind didn't seem to discern the hidden; But marveled at what came about to the ether displaced by the great ball under my feet and the trees and mountains and oceans, on it. Emptiness is absorbed by substance, which in turn is gobbled up by the void, made of mind stuff.It expanded all over, in eight directions, linked by the invisible rings of imagination, wild and abandoned, while trying to reach the farthest; swallowing up the unseen, impenetrable and apparently forceful Time.
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1 comment:

Edita said...

Impenetrable sadness and futile efforts to stop the time, to come back or hurry tomorrow. We were adorned and doomed at the same time.