Tuesday, August 12, 2008


One of the five horses severed the harness and flew in to the night in the direction of the sensuous reflection. I looked up at the darkness and saw a scarred face hastily hiding away behind the silken edged shroud, like a jealous voyeur. The voluptuous waves from the apartment window across the street entered through my eyes to reach where I held the reins- my intellect- to send shudders down the spine.

The rain had just stopped, bringing up a heat that lay secretive underground; with a band of moths that circled the gloomy streetlight. I held back thoughts, about life’s fleeting nature, stirred by the circling moths and looked away, beyond the opposite street, as the moment’s hankering prospect was too special to distract and ‘indulge’ in philosophic truths.

The horse’s soft neigh held an ache that betrayed an indignity which for a moment appeared like a sacrifice; vital for the opportune time of gratification. Brute compulsions, giving flesh to cravings, the enchanting flashes of naked light from across hid a smile entrapping a part of my sublime psyche. Carnality created plausible excuses for the release of shock waves of illusion.

The trees still rained, like the lingering thoughts of mind’s contempt, dropping and draining ....Lights were on in the dwelling of enticing portraits that moved behind my translucent visions. A swell was building up which sought to engulf and sink me in a quagmire of fluid desire…….. to drown my soul……..

High above, a round beautiful face appeared with milky white aura as the fragrance of night flowers filled the air. The gentle cool breeze carried the fragment of an old song and a lucid sky .The heat had disappeared as sublime love returned as I held firmly the reins of the five horses and traversed the swells of transcendent beauty and bliss again.
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