Wednesday, September 10, 2008

a tryst with the moon

The round glow hid my dreams on the flip side and raced away from my vaporized moan; then out of the blue it hung around to gaze down at me, chasing me in my lawn. I lay down on my back to swallow the breezy radiance above. Love was in the air with a tinge of ache for the many beautiful moments stolen by the cloaked time.
A million love-drenched lakes and blushed cheeks sent out melancholic reflections, back to the scarred romantic.
Then I saw, hastily cruising past two dark wings, the petrified face of a lunatic, throwing ominous glances down at the creepy cemeteries where fearful dogs howled; and emitted ethereal rays for the crazy minds to seize.
It emerged cool and gentle having bathed in a thousand earthen water pots in diverse forms. The awareness of the impact of entire oceans lifting up to touch its invisible rim dazed my mind which saw mountains, valleys and great walls under its magic charm.

As I was still gazing at it and searching for the traces of the cotton seed that was blown up by the child in me, over the coconut tree to merge with it, a drop of dew fell on my cheek trapping its reflection.
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"Hanging on a Hyphen" said...

A chance encounter, an accidental discovery and a random find can produce magical results at times. Discovering your blog gives me that kind of feeling. It's like travelling into the hidden recesses of our consciousness that we never thought were there. Some blogs put up good imagery. Others mesmerize with text. This blog combines both and the result is simply awesome. I really like your blog.

Sadia Hussain said...

An ethereal rendezvous and the awakening with sunrise. What magic!
i enjoy reading your blog.

Mohamed Taher said...

Creative and inspirational. Keep up the good work.