Friday, October 24, 2008

unfeigned zones

They weren’t dreams; they were distended, liquefied images. I looked for the shore, sans foot marks, but knew, they have been sucked in, without leaving a faint trace, by snakes, cold and frothy, resembling entwined mysteries.Interlaced remains of carnal gloom under the gray nightfall, waited just round the corner behind dark boulders of rocks cursed and doomed to be frozen in time.The presence of the gargantuan finale didn’t preclude a cool breeze from counseling me in hushed whisper of the many masked proofs. Visages emerged from the recesses of the deep, definable and otherwise, dark like my slumber on the threshold of the door that opened in to the vast, roaring waters. Clouds now entered the room in the attic and slipped down the stairs, like a prelude to nature’s splendid wakefulness.Silence was like chaff in the gaining roar, trying to contain the many grumbles and moans of love and hate,climaxing;but the song evaded it.I fought back swimming through the sand, wading through shells of existence, seeing the reflection of my city in a mirror. I looked back; the winding road seemed never to end.The few grains of sand trapped in my pocket still seemed to listen…….to the roar.
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Saturday, October 4, 2008

the moonlit junkyard

gloominess above, shone on
the talcum powder tin [with a dim cologne?]
laid away from the mound,
the meadow hiding its brand
and the old transistor radio’s band,
in-tact and young
heaving hopes of an elapsed song,
the shells of the unsorted, trouncing
the expectations of the still bouncing,
thrown away hastily for the standby
time packed capsules, waiting expiry,
near clammy bottled expectorants
coughing sick of windless hollows,
the cat yawning near the old hat
smelling baldness
and brief skin-deep holds
among burned incriminations
akin to dead arid sperms.
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