Monday, November 17, 2008

A Stifled Night’s Silence

The muted light that slept
in the shack of the Electricity Department
in the distance
shed the color of silence.
A single moth threw itself to make things sparkling
at this moment of squander.
The zoomed- in visions carried wraiths
yearning to exist yet another night of hidden plots.
The rusted iron gate, the old electric lines
the two stars hung in between
looked like suspended hopes,
even the darkness couldn’t light up.
Pieces of ashen thoughts camouflaged as vapor
tried to cover up the pointless flicker above,
none to behold.
At this hour of black futility,
the glimmer in the ether seemed superfluous
which the moon generously frittered away.
A breeze over passed me, knowing my thoughts well,
touching a few insignificant leaves
up on the tamarind tree,
This wakeful night was appropriate,
for dreams- of old generators
and broad high tension wires,
cold and powerless and filled with cowardice.
Up in the room in the attic I was smeared
by the dust on the windowsill,
spreading in me a sense of refuge;
in the stuffy enclosure,
the smell of burned leather and old paint
sheltered me from the senseless redundancy
that lay outside.
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1 comment:

Sadia Hussain said...

After reading this one can almost sense the suffocating gloom. Probably what I can't express in words Shashi, I could paint better.
The music too suits the mood of the night.