Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Eternal Masquerades

The umpteen icons stayed secreted in the rocks, like so many fetuses united in consciousness. The sky endured blues in the earthen pots. The night whispered in the shade, as a horse’s neigh muffled the feigns of the galloping desire’s reign. The breathless ether tried to break the facades. The rocks became shores when destroyed to pull out idols to be tamed to eternal shackles; to lead a relic’s life. The sky was masked by blue and the sea obscured by waves. Pretentious clouds performed like quacks hastily disappearing to shelter. A chameleon’s rebirth as star was an apparent redundancy in the northeastern firmament; though the ever changing hues freed me from the clutches of many a symbol’s fetters. The dissonance of noises hushed the truth of silence. Then, ice was ultimately broken to make salt dolls to be bathed in infinite oceans. The sheaths, peeled off and heaped in, now became trees for men to perch on as birds.
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Friday, December 26, 2008

The Face of the Witness

My rapport, primeval,
touched me too close
at the edge of the windowpane.
The blemish, hidden
by the unfocused
love’s foliage.
Dark phases dripped
through the tunnels of the ether.
The gentle wind’s shining scent
cached a star’s remembrance.
The sky, having been pushed in,
sneaked in through the north east.
The stress was on
the concave of the senses,
mind panting, in the rapid intelligence.
The panicking oceans looked east
for the shade of the sun.
Being was all over the place, on time,
in many names and forms.
In the depth of the whole
I was the sole witness.
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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Dull Aftermath

The worn-out dawn did not whine;
stains of the old wine’s red,
smeared the edge of gray.
The shady hill stood like a phallus
penetrating the frigid blues.
Orgy of the preceding night’s black
had sapped away the blush
from the overexerted spheres,
satiated and now colorless.
The batter of the lover
out of the blue,
the electrifying caresses
flaming the crevices
in to a yearning exhibition
of stunning outlines.
The incessant rumble
of drums in the dreams
of the lovesick soldier.
The sky came near to the ground
to partake the earth’s quake,
gasping in ache and the lust’s reek.
The deep gorges thrusting out
in craving submission
and the gushing flow of
thundering love filling
the wild vales now given in.
The languorous, gray sky
reflected another dreary mind.
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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Dried out Oceans

Darkness absorbed her black tresses
inept to mask the deep seas
that looked intently at me.
This impenetrable night was deeper
than the black oceans in my garden
The squall had drowned and the tide ebbed,
the taste of the salty drops still lingered.

The oceans desiccated to the last tear,
left no evidence of presence
in the excuse of the cloaked night
the immensity of vast spaces
weighed me down,
as embodied lust disguised as love
rubbed salt on future wounds;
a gentle wind mimicked the muffled sighs,
the whining moment’s
Elusive entwinements.

The heartless train’s howl far-off,
left desolation's tiny scraps
in the retreating station.
Her eyes soaked up distances,
the intervals stretching the strings of heart.
Melancholic baits of the scarred gait
swelled agony’s torture
The mind powerless to cope,
lonely-heart’s yearning for hope.

The dawn will lie to me
with out a hint of betrayal;
‘a dream within the dream’
where I will hear
a desertion’s tearing scream.
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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Vanishing Causeway

The concrete bridge is melting
and the undulating reflections try
to trespass and take away the here and now.
The upstream and downstream merged
like the mislaid extremes of beginning and end,
being and becoming,
overlapping the pane of perception.
The embodied subtlety,
encircled the infinity.
And beyond the circles, more infinity lay
under mysterious circumstances.
I reached beyond where the eye could reach
trying to feel some resistant partitions
that would enhance the futility of my search
beyond perpetuity
gaining some meaning to the edges
of my intelligence.
A dream would intercept my deep sleep
waking me up to more unreality of wakefulness
where I am awakened to juggle the time and space
on my small palms,
when the coiled serpent has reached its destination
traveling up the tunnel of surprises.
Infinity appeared staring at me in awe
measuring up to my imaginations.
Relativity went pale [having caught in the act]
in the face, for the dramatic enactments
backstage. There were only words
and only many syllables like faded graffiti in a ghetto,
well written on a sheet of contaminated water
having lost all connotations.
The flip side of the coin shaped like an octagon
lost it’s edges to the great circle ever expanding.
For the first time I saw standing there,
beyond which was neither void
nor the mystifying space, Me.
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