Thursday, December 11, 2008

Dried out Oceans

Darkness absorbed her black tresses
inept to mask the deep seas
that looked intently at me.
This impenetrable night was deeper
than the black oceans in my garden
The squall had drowned and the tide ebbed,
the taste of the salty drops still lingered.

The oceans desiccated to the last tear,
left no evidence of presence
in the excuse of the cloaked night
the immensity of vast spaces
weighed me down,
as embodied lust disguised as love
rubbed salt on future wounds;
a gentle wind mimicked the muffled sighs,
the whining moment’s
Elusive entwinements.

The heartless train’s howl far-off,
left desolation's tiny scraps
in the retreating station.
Her eyes soaked up distances,
the intervals stretching the strings of heart.
Melancholic baits of the scarred gait
swelled agony’s torture
The mind powerless to cope,
lonely-heart’s yearning for hope.

The dawn will lie to me
with out a hint of betrayal;
‘a dream within the dream’
where I will hear
a desertion’s tearing scream.
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Sadia Hussain said...

Another beautiful poem Shashi, one can feel the heartache and despair and I love the title.
I showed your poems to some friends and they all joined me in commending your style. Take care.

Greyscale Territory said...

Beautiful image of "desiccated oceans". Especially love the play on sound and tandem of two meanings in "tear" (weep) and "tear" (rip)! An exotic Gothic poem!

madeline d. murray said...

This is a raw and beautiful poem. Hate to say it, but I know this ocean and that train.

This line is brilliant:
as embodied lust disguised as love
rubbed salt on future wounds

as is the final stanza. Well done.

Andy Sewina said...

Yeah, nicely recorded, I think I know that train too!

Felicity said...

Lovely imagery.
The second stanza is particularly poignant.