Sunday, August 9, 2009

Erratic Dreams

Apertures held on to the limits
reluctantly acquiescing to the invading existence.
sensuous dreams, quivering screams,
voyeurs, vampires and well-off wasps,
seething obsessions and sneaking snakes,
-names trafficking the gaping wholes,
fell off from unknown crevices,
stripping garbs off from form.
the deeps were still,
trying to shake off the skin.
when the twilight sand changed to coal,
shimmering black reptiles lengthened
to reach the aloofness of the invisible quay,
clad in fleshly gorgeous wastes of shells
thrown away by probing hands.
the scene, a silent scheme,
as dressed voids stole in;
tides stretched out to touch the trees
to flee with, untied from tedium,
pleading consent from yet another
unnamed survival.
the night would still be here
and now in the present
for a few more ticking seconds,
cloaked as hope,
in the black holes of slumber.
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