Saturday, March 19, 2011

a night of beautiful madness

waxing confessions, melting away, liquefying, messing up the altar; dreary candles too fragile to burn away sins lingering as frozen sermons, equidistant from me and you.

Tonight I will sneak a look at you through the crack,you wreaked in my mind; jealousy nakedly shaping the voyeur in me with a vengeance waiting for those silken robes to move away. I will keep the windows open for your primeval blemish to deflect from the glassy cupboard of books in the corner,in to my amorous heat standing alone in a crook. I will eavesdrop with an ear close to the pane for the warped wails wilting in to stripped shadows on the wall.But you are several silences away. Instead I hear the hushed chants of the owl seducing in its pallid day;I hear them escaping the flue, blending with my obsession’s lingering glue; Now you are here touching me too close at the edge of the window, the blemish, hidden by an unfocused love’s foliage;you smelt of night flowers, in full blush, encircling, madly taking over, straddling my being with a sensation,an ecstasy so ancient.

Then you ran off with me in a lunatic dream whetting my nocturnal illusion - the scarred one up in the heavens.
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