Monday, April 18, 2011

a tryst with the colossal fluid

I did not perceive the ocean but saw the tiring waves trying to veil some thing, just as the blue, the ether and the words, the truth.The salty tang and the fishy reek lingered as a few unshaken rocks stood like some frozen primeval thoughts. An adolescent moon hung around waiting to be seen.

The sun went down in to explore, blushing red, now quicker, and closer and burning with desire. The enormous liquid glistened and quivered in the dark, like a majestic Apsaras, the lovely seductress, as hidden enticements seemed to work. The abrupt initiative of the Sun shook to wrest the vague, frigid gloom, to workout a grand celebration. The vast deeps were dug through the core of it’s being; and the potency of the space time confluence breached the dams of sublime swells. The obscure, touched the abstract curves and concaves of the element, the roar, yells, the aura, pervasive and powerful, thrashing the physical, to a wild climax, quenching the thirsty, erogenous zones of the sinuous ego. Few drops of sweaty salt touched my lips in the course of the stirring convulsions of the massive humps, as waves after waves of ecstasy striven and stretched to reach new heights of release.

Brutal power, now, heaved me in, enveloped, as snake like cool frothy edges touched my feet unawares, giving shock of a mysterious presence, dwarfing the physical, echoing a great mystery of the spirit, submerging Me, the only Witness to the secretive, amorous and fierce passions of fluid Love…….
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1 comment:

Literalia said...

Again, your prose contains a unique mysticism. The metaphorical use embellishes the deep and wonderful lines.
Warm greetings from Mexico:
Arturo Juárez Muñoz