Sunday, February 26, 2012

an odd innuendo

a song afar,near
the tree in the corner,
veining shades of brains
on the window,
past the willow,
splits a different clue ,
a tedium tuned in to blue;
hushed hums grope,
too nervous to drop
the end that,gathers ,
waits,till the night withers
the leaves to fall on unpaved ways;
compel gasping dreams to ramble
below an unhinged moon,
laden with a lunatic's
oblique meanderings,
black and blurred ,
bespeaking the cloned pretense
of my love,
indistinct as nightlight
flown out of the window
past the willow,
near that tree in the corner.
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Charles Miller said...

This very tightly spun, deep in its images and taut with meanings under the surface. I like the way you have drawn so distinctly the mood, captured it with objective clarity though its subject is ostensibly subjective.

Brian Miller said...

ha...i like the wrap around to the tree...and the unhinged moon, lunatic meanderings in the middle are very cool as well...def capture a mood here and leaves it open for the reader to fit themselves in it...

poemblaze said...

A lot to like here. Especially enjoyed the lines:

Till the night withers
the leaves to fall on unpaved ways.

The last three lines are a great wrap-up to the poem

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