Wednesday, August 7, 2013

old wooden furniture mart [by night]

An ad. in black tinted art paper,
looks the same
as, carved in to a black rosewood-night,
laid back in wooden glassy silence,
the mart.
a mirror’s deception
falling off in to a mahogany table,
manipulative moths in muteness
circling the light
of the dressing mirror,
that hid imminent blushing reflections
bracing the store,
hushing the dyed silence of the lamps.
far in to the night’s dwelling
shuttered shops, lined on either side.
the night watchman, an apparition
sleeping (somewhere in the back of the shop)
deepened the mart’s inexplicable being
in to an unknowable nightly mystique.
In the far end of the hall, hung
the picture of a bird perched on a tall tree
a woodpecker?
(A blot on the charm was a bottle of mineral water left on an office-tabletop,the blue label killing the blues)

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